Sean Willmott



I am a passionate designer based in London. [insert design jargon] I create intuitive user experiences and scalable design systems, using a multivariate testing approach.

working on @ the BBC*

* BBC internal projects, contact me for case studies

Project status: Test/Production


Short form posts are shorter and snackable compared to traditional long form BBC articles. Up to 60% of BBC Sport content is shortform and live on topic page streams (e.g Manchester United). These posts have no mandatory content requirements so cannot be promoted like normal articles. After promotion what is the user journey, to view the content in situ or something else?

Project status: Discovery

Path to Fandom

We know people come to the BBC to watch a specific show, but can we build on this and create habitual habits to bring them back again and again. When they do come back give them a reason to engage in content and find similar shows to enjoy from across the BBC.

Project status: Define/Discovery


BBC search has fallen behind its competitors and industry standards. We firstly need to bring it up to those standards by implementing technologies such as predictive text and auto correct. Following that can we create a discoverable and consistent design experience that showcases the breadth of content from the BBC whilst still giving audience exactly what they have searched for.

Want to


I'm a UX/UI Designer @ BBC working in the Content Discovery space. Feel free to reach out if you have an interesting projects or just want to chat.